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Name Richard M. Maddox
Service Background

Keesler 1983-1984  Student
Ellsworth 1984-1986 RMT EC-135 A/G/C
Hickam 1986-1990 RMT EC-135J
Current Occupation

PEG Bandwidth LLC, RF Engineer,

Name John W. Geasa
Service Background

Keesler 1983-1984  Student
Ellsworth 1984-1985 RMT EC-135 A/G/C
Hickam 1985-1988 RMT EC-135J
Current Occupation Director, PMO Network Deployment
Ericsson Global Services - North America

Name David R. Foster
Service Background

Offutt AFB 1961-1965 ECI Tech Rep
Hickam AFB 1965-1967 ECI Tech Rep
Hickam AFB 1967-1994 AF Engineering Tech Services
Current Occupation Retired

Name Christopher A. Hetkey
Service Background

Lackland - 1986
Keesler - 1986/1987
RAF Mildenhall - 1987-1990
Wright Patterson Tactical Fighter Crew Chief (F-16) 1991-1993
U.S Army Infantry School 1993
Vilseck Germany (Mechanized Infantry) 1993-1994
Grafenwohr Germany (U.S. Army CID) 1994-1996

Current Occupation Microsoft: Contract Software Engineer -1997-Present

Wife: Beth since 2001
6 kids, most recently: Alexander (5), Logan (1).

Name John K. Mackill
Service Background

Student Keesler 1983-1984
Ellsworth 1984-1985 Shop
Ellsworth 1985-1987 RMT EC-135 A/G/C
Current Occupation Current Occupation Texas Instruments Inc. Mansfield Massachusetts
Contols Engineer Repair and Mantence Department

Name Mark Chapman
Service Background

Keesler May 83 Mar 84  Student
Ellsworth Mar 84 Sep 90  In Shop Repair / RMT EC-135
Indiana ANG Sep 90 to present  F-16 Avionics Tech
Current Occupation Jefferson Smurfit Corp. Electrical Maintenance Tech

Name Helen Del Rosario
Service Background

Keesler  Student
Current Occupation Wireless RF Engineer

Name Dennis Mitchel
Service Background

Keesler AFB (PACCS crosstraining) 1979-80
Ellsworth AFB 1980-86 EC-135A/G/C (flightline & inflight)
Hickam AFB 1986-1992 EC-135J (flighline & inflight)
Offutt AFB 1992-1996 E-4 (flightline)
Happily retired at 20 years & 2 days!
Current Occupation LAN Engineer, First National Bank of Omaha

Service Background
Keesler Jan 81- Nov 81 Student
Ellsworth Dec 81 - Oct 84 RMTEC 135/A/G/C
Current Occupation



Name Dallas L. Turner Jr.
Service Background

90-91 Student Keesler AFB.
91-92 6 ACCS, Langley AFB, VA.
Current Occupation See above.

Name Edward L. Schroyer (Hubber Dubber)
Service Background

I served as a student at Keesler AFB, from Dec 77 to Jun 78
Ellsworth AFB, from Jun 78 to Nov 80 (RMT A,G,C)
Hickam AFB, Nov 80 to Nov 83 (RMT J)
Offutt AFB, Dec 83 to Feb 84 (RMT C)
Offutt AFB, Feb 84 to Dec 93 (SE E-4B)
Offutt AFB, May 95 to Jun 97 (E-4B Field Service Engineer, Boeing Co. Tinker AFB, Jun 97 to Current (System Engineer, TRW)
Tinker AFB, Jan 98 to Current (Equipment Specialist, E-4B Program).
Current Occupation See Above.

Name Carl J Quijas
Service Background

Offutt AFB 1972 - 1978 SACCS Maintenance
Offutt AFB 1978 - 1984 PACCS Maint, E-4A/B RMT
RAF Mildenhall 1984-1986 EC-135H RMT
Offutt AFB 1986 - 1988 HQ SAC/DOCAB, E-4 Program Manager
Offutt AFB 1988 - 1992 Joint Staff NEACP Advanced Programs
Offutt AFB 1992 - 1995 1st ACCS E-4B Maintenance
Current Occupation Network and Workstation Technician for Lee's Summit MO Schools

Name Jim Satterwhite
Service Background

Langley 74 - 79 EC-135 H/P RO
RAF Mildenhall 79 - 82 EC-135 H CSO
Grissom AFB 82 - 84 EC-135 G/L CSO
Hickam AFB 84 -87 EC-135 J CSO
Ellsworth AFB 87 - 90 EC-135 A/C/G/L CSO
Current Occupation
Retired: C4ISR Analyst, Science Applications International Corporation

Lots of EMail address's here at The Orderly Room

Link to the 7th ACCS web site

Name Todd VanDerwerken CCDA,CCNA
Service Background

Student Keesler AFB - Sept 81 - July 82
Offutt AFB - July 82 - Dec 92
Bench Tech - July 82 - June 83
EC-135(C) Inflight Maintenance Technician - June 83 - Aug 85
EC-135(C) Inflight Instructor - Aug 85 - June 87
EC-135(C) Stan/Eval - June 87 - Oct 89
E4 SE - Oct 89 - Dec 92
Current Occupation

Systems Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc.
7633 East 63rd Place, Suite 110
Tulsa OK 74133
voice: 918-461-4144 page: 800-365-4578
fax: 918-461-4199 email:

Name Steve Bottorff
Email Swbottorff@AOL.COM
Service Background

76-79 Barksdale AFB, SACCS Maintenance
80 Keesler, Tech School for PACCS
81 Offutt AFB, PACCS Bench Tech
82 EC-135C IMT
83 - 96 E-4A/B System Engineer, Stan/Eval,Wing Stan/Eval
Current Occupation
MCI Multiplex Technician, retired and don't miss
the job, just the good friends!

Name Charles (Chuck) Hensley
Service Background

1982-1983 Keesler Student
1983-1986 Mildenhall - Ground Maintenance
1986 - Present Offutt - 7th ACCS
1986 - 1988 55th AMS/OMS - Ground Maintenance
1988 - Present IMT EC-135
Current Occupation 7 ACCS Inflight Maintenance Supervisor

Family - Wife - Vickie
Three Daughters (RF Radiation Hazards)
Candace - 13
Sarah - 9
Christine - 6
Transfering to 1st ACCS in October when unit shuts down to work in
ground maintenance again.

Name Gregory R. Soule
Service Background
Keesler 1985-1986
Hickam 1986-1989 Ground maint
Current Occupation Offutt 1989- Present (55OMS/ 2ACCS/ 7ACCS/ 1ACCS)

Name Andrew Collier
Service Background

student at Keesler from February 1991 to January 1992
Offutt AFB Jan. 1992 to Nov 1994  EC135C 2nd ACCS (now 7 ACCs) Ground Maintenance and flight maintenance
Nov 1994 to 1999- E-4B 1ACCS In-flight Maintainer and Operator
Current Occupation Network Service Manager with Sprint Business Services

Name James M. Seibert
Service Background

1989 - 1990 Keesler AFB
1990 - 1992 Grissom AFB
1992 - Present Offutt AFB
Current Occupation
Current Occupation: Tech Controller and Super High Frequency (SHF) on the E-4B, Just converted to the 1A3X1 AFSC from the X2A4X3 AFSC

Name Robert C. Parker
Email Work
Service Background


1981-1984 28 AMS, EAFB, SD. PACCS in shop maintenance
1984-1988 15 AMS, 15 CAMS HAFB, HI. EC-135 J in shop / flight line
1988 - 1992 28 AMS, EAFB, SD. EC-135 A/C flight line and shop maintenance
Current Occupation Missile Warning systems for BAE
Family Happily married for 16 years.
5 kids plus three rentals (we're foster parents).

Name David Pastor
Service Background

Ellsworth - 1986-1992 RMT/NCOIC-Training/NCOIC-STAN/EVAL
1991 - January-March 1703rd AREFW(Provisional) King Khalid
            International Airport, Saudi Arabia
Offutt - 1992-1993 EC-135 RMT 2ACCS/7ACCS
Offutt - 1993-1994 E4B 1ACCS
Current Occupation
Data Transmission Network(DTN) in Omaha, NE as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer.
Wife - Lorene 11 years
Dogs - Dublin(Doberman) and Cairo(Pitbull)

Name Thomas "Doc" Buhr
Service Background

1980-1981    Keesler AFB  Student
1981-1984    RAF Mildenhall U.K. In shop and flightline maint. 513 AMS
1984-present Offutt AFB In shop, flightline, IMT and IMT instructor.
                     55 AMS/55 OMS/2 ACCS/7 ACCS
Current Occupation Offutt AFB  7 ACCS, C3Nav Swing Shift Superviser

Name Doug Maurstad
Service Background

Offutt AFB 1968 - 1969 1st Comm Gp. Offutt AFB, RO "Looking Glass".
CCK AB Taiwan   1969 - 1970 "Combat Lightning"
Offutt AFB             1970 - 1974 2nd ACCS  RO"Looking Glass "
Andrews AFB MD 1974 - 1980 "Nightwatch"
                               RO,SASS,CSO , Stan/Eval (EC-135J & E4A & B)
Offutt AFB Ne.       1974-1980
                               RO,SASS,CSO , Stan/Eval (EC-135J & E4A & B)
RAF Mildenhall      1980 - 1983 10th ACCS   "SilkPurse"
                               RO,CSO,Stan Eval
RAF Mildenhall      1983-1984 513 TAW  Chief Stan/Eval
1984 R E T I R E D
Current Occupation President Geo Thermal Ground Source Heat Pumps, Alcester SD.
Hobbies Golf, Golf and More Golf

Name Ann Billau
Service Background

Grissom AFB IN Feb 79 - Aug 81 in-shop PACCS
Hickam AFB HI Sep 81 - Sep 84 CET on EC-135J
Offutt AFB NE Sep 84 - present IMT on EC-135C,
                  Production Superintendent, Specialist Flight Chief
Current Occupation Moving to 38th Reconnaissance Squadron as Specialist Flight Chief.
Future Will retire Sept 99

Name Jeffrey L. Sanders (Sandman)
Service Background

Keesler AFB Apr 1983 to Feb 1984 Student
Offutt AFB Mar 1984 to Dec 1992
         RF/MUX Flightline Mar 1984 to Jun 1985
         EC-135(C) IMT Jun 1985 to Sep 1986
         EC-135(C) IMT Instructor Sep 1986 to Jun 1991
         E-4(B) Tech Control Jun 1991 to Dec 1992
Current Occupation First Data Corporation  Network Analyst

Name Stephen R. Levine
Service Background



66-77   293x3 - all over
77-81   Keesler 293 instructor (helped write the original A293 -later                A116x0) course material
81         Keesler A293 School
81-85   Offutt  2ACCS EC-135C RO, Instructor, SEFE
85-89   Keesler 7ACCS EC-130E Cricket Ast Flt Supt, AlleyCat Flt Supt,
             Instructor, SEFE
89-91   Offutt 2ACCS EC-135C RO, Supt Looking Glass Comm Ops,                Instructor, SEFE
Current Occupation

Retired, Manchester, New Hampshire
Applied 3D Science Inc, Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Name Guy T. McDonald
Service Background

Oct 81 - Sept 82 Keesler AFB - Student -
Sept 82 - Oct 83 Offutt AFB - RF/Mux -
Jan 84 - Oct 88 RAF Mildenhall - EC-135H Inflight Maint Tech/Instructor
1986 - 1988 Lajes Field, Azores Silk Purse Alert Duties
Oct 88 - Dec 92 Offutt AFB - EC-135 Inflight Maint Tech
Current Occupation

Mar 94 - Jul 97 First Data Corporation, Network Design Engineer
Jul 97 - Oct 99 MSI Systems Integrators, Engineering Mgr
Oct 99 - Present Cisco Systems, Systems Engineer
Moving from Omaha to Atlanta
Family Wife: Lorie
Kids: Tyler, Zane, Hannah, Charlotte, Jackson

Name Randy Bergmeier
Service Background

9-83 / 11-93 Keesler AFB  (B-52 gunner x-trng)
83 - 88 RAF Mildenhall  EC-135H CSO
88 - 92 Ellsworth AFB EC-135A/C/G/L CSO
Jan 91 - Mar 91 King Kahlid Internationa Airport, Saudia Arabia
(1703 AREFW (Provisional)
Retired 1 Sep 92
Current Occupation Chief Maintenance - John A. Kraus Co. Nauvoo, IL
Family Wife - Cathy     Son - Jason     4 cats and 1 dog

Name Michael P. Day
Service Background

Keesler Mar. 82- Nov. 82 Student
Offutt Dec. 82-Jul. 85 Flightline/Bench Tech.
Offutt Jul. 85- Oct. 88 IMT/Instr. EC-135C
Offutt Oct. 88- Flightline Maint.
Current Occupation

Raytheon Systems Corp.
Systems Engineer on Regional C-130E/H-H2
Flight Simulator
Family Married to Mary McCullum May 25,1996
No kids but two cats, remember they lower your blood pressure.

Name Chris S. Durant
Service Background

Keesler 83-84 student
Offutt 84-98 IMT EC-135C
MacDill 98- CSO EC-135Y
Family Wife Shannon
Son Jarred - 4

Name Jerry Parker
Service Background

1987 - 1988 Keesler AFB ABNCP School
1988 - 1993 Offutt AFB 55 OMS, 2 ACCS EC-135C PACCS Ground Maintenance
1993 - 1996 Offutt AFB 2 ACCS EC-135C IMT, Instructor, Evaluator
1996 - 1998 Offutt AFB 55th Operations Group Stan/Eval,  EC-135C

Wife Darlene
Son - Jason
Daughter - Rachel
Current Occupation: Textron Systems, Inc. Engineering Specialist, RC-135S Cobra Ball Aircraft

Name Allen Lamb
Service Background

1979 - 1986 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ & McConnell AFB, KS Titan II missile
launch crewmember
1986 - 1987 Keesler, MS Student
1987 - 1992 Ellsworth AFB, SD PACCS Systems Maintenance (28 AMS & 28OMS)
1992 - 1995 Eau Claire, WI Air Force Recruiter (AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!)
1996 - 1999 Davis-Monthan AFB EC-130E (ABCCC)
1 Aug 99 - Final Promotion to sillyvilian status (retirement)...hehheh

Name Jack L. Griffin III
Service Background
1987-1988 Keesler AFB ABNCP Student
1988-1994 Offutt AFB 55OMS/2ACCS Ground Maintenance
Current Occupation Telecommunication Specialist, Network Operations, Ameritech(Indiana Bell)

Name Reginald L. King
Service Background

Keesler 1983-1984 student
Keesler 1984-1989 maint shop
Mildenhall UK 1989-1991 513 CRS in shop/flightline
Offutt afb 1991- 1996 2 ACCS/7accs ground maint.
Keesler afb 1996 to present Instructor C3Nav systems
Current Occupation Master Instructor/Instructor Supervisor  C-3 NAV systems.

Name Dennis Schwind
Service Background
Keesler AFB 86-87
Offutt AFB 87-90, IMT 89-90
Current Occupation Network Engineer at Miami University
Family Wife: Kristen Son: Andrew - 5mos.

Name Jeff Stevens  "Possum"
Service Background
Keesler 1987 to 1988
Offutt 1988 to 1997 / IMT from 1990 to 1997 / Instructor IMT from 1992 to1997
Current Occupation
Restore warbirds for Warbird recovery in Broomfield, CO. I also repair avionics instruments at Tri-County Instruments.

Service Background

7 ACCS UDORN 1970 TO 72
RET. OCT. 77
Current Occupation


Name Paul Steele
Service Background

62-65 Security Service
65-79 AFCS
79-84 RAF Mildenhall .10ACCS, EC135, CSO.
84-90 Langley AFB 6ACCS, EC135, CSO
Retired 1990
Current Occupation United States Postal Service, Maintenance
Family Married: three daughters, 2 grand daughters...
Hobbies Golf, overseas traveling, Skiing

Name Larry W. Springer
Service Background

1971-72 Student Avionics Communications Tech Keesler AFB
1972-73 93rd AMS Castle AFB CA, Radio Shop
1973 Student World Wide Airborne command Post Communications Equipment Repair Keesler AFB
1973-74 307th AMS Radio shop U-Tapao Thailand
1974-91 55th AMS/OMS Shop Technician,inflight maintenance, Stan Eval, PACCS Flight Chief.
Current Occupation Retired. Two way radio technician Staley Communications, Greenburg Pa.

Name Kelby R Deese
Service Background
Airborne Communications Systems Flight CC
Offutt AFB July 1997--Present 1ACCS/SC - Team 2 Team Chief

Name Kirwyn "Bobo" Caberos
Service Background

Keesler from Dec 90-Oct 91, PACCS school
Offutt from Oct 91-Oct 98
EC Flightline Maintenance Oct 91- Oct 94
EC Inflight Maint. Technician/Instructor Oct 94- Oct 98
Current Occupation Oct 98-Present, Merged with 1A3's, CSO on AWACS :(

Name gregory h mills
Service Background

Keesler 95-96 student
Offutt 7accs 96-98
Offutt imt 96-97
Offutt 38th rs
Current Occupation Comm/Nav tech with the 38th

Name Joseph A. Augeri (Augie Doggie)
Service Background

Offutt AFB, 1971to 1973 (RMT C)
Langley AFB 1973 to 1974 6ACCS, EC135, CSO
CCK AB Taiwan 1974-1975 "Combat Lightning"
Offutt AFB, 1975-1976 55 AMS PACCS SHOP RF/Mux
Offutt AFB, 1976 to 1983 EC-135(C) IMT
Offutt AFB, 1983 to 1988 E-4(B) Tech Control Jun 1991 to Dec 1992
Offutt AFB, 1988 to 1992 AMS PACCS SHOP RF/Mux
1992 Retired
Current Occupation Senior Data communication Manager for Data Transmission Network, Omaha NE.

Name Bob Junkelman
Service Background

I was assigned to the CINCPAC ABNCP (Blue Eagle) in June of 1965
I flew as EANCO for the CINCPAC Battle Staff until June 1970 on ACFT Tail #'s 007,011,018,019, and 022. One of the best assignements in my 23 year career.
I also was assigned to Hq TAC Command Post (1973 to1977)and flew on their ABNCP Tactical Deployment Control Aircraft. Tail # 118 and and I think the other
one was 536. One of them crashed on take off I beleive in New Mexico in 1979 or early 1980's.
Current Occupation
I am presently living in Yorktown, Va. play some golf and Drive a Steam Train at Busch Gardens Williamsburg a few days a week.

Name Clyde R. ("Dick") Althouse
Service Background

1965-1968 P, EC-135P, 6486th ACCS, Blue Eagle, Hickam AFB
1969 P, EB-66, 41st TEWS, Takhli RTAFB, Thailand
1970-1973 IP, EC-135C, 2nd ACCS, Looking Glass, Offutt AFB
1973-1976 IPE, EC-135H/P, 6th ACCS, Langley AFB
Retired 12/31/76
Current Occupation
Corporate Pilot, Amerada Hess Corporation. Petroleum exploration, production,
refining and sales. Retired 8/31/93

Name George O'Dell ( AKA : Digger O'Dell )
Service Background

1958-1959 3709 BMTS Lackland TX
1959-1962 6514 Maint SQ.. Edwards AFB CA.
1963-1964 Kessler AFB Miss. Wasn't any PACCS school then.
1964-1968 34thARS now 55th ARS Offutt AFB NE.
Started the Looking Glass operation in KC135A modles.
1968-1968 6217 Combat Support SQ... CCK AB Taiwan
Flew aboard the Combat Lighting Aircraft as a RadioMaintenance.
Mar-1969-Dec 1969 Minot AFB ND 5th AMS Sq
1969-1974 Ellsworth AFB SD 28th AMS Sq..
1974-1975 U-Tapao AB Thailand ( Combat Lighting)
APR-75 - OCT-75 305th AMS Grissom AFB Id.
1975-1977 1st ACCS Andrews AFB MD ( Night Watch)
1977-1979 1st ACCS Offutt AFB NE. ( Night Watch)
Retired May 1979.
Current Occupation

Worked for MCI telecommunications when it first started in Omaha in 1979 until I retired again in 1997.
Moved to Stephens City Virginia in1997, presently working for the City of Winchester Virginia.

Name Mike Turner
Service Background

Sept. 1984 - Oct 1994 as a KC/EC-135 crew chief.
March 1985 - Feb 1993 I was stationed at Ellsworth AFB, SD. Three years of that were spent as an EC-135 crew chief, launching the glass and pulling alert - both at Ellsworth and up at Minot. The remainder of my time was spent in the phase dock performing periodic maintenance and making sure the birds would fly. Best damn phase dock there ever was!
February 1993 until my DOS, I served at Castle AFB, CA again in the phase dock.
Current Occupation State College, PA office of Engineering Animation Inc. as a software engineer.
Home Page

Name Neil Foley
Service Background

Keesler AFB 1980 student
1980-1983 RAF Mildenhall, UK 513th AMS PACCS flightline and in-shop maintenance
1983-1987 Ellsworth AFB 28th AMS PACCS flightline and in-shop maintenance
Current Occupation Current Occupation RF Design Engineer at Rockwell-Collins Inc
Family Wife Julie married 16 years, three kids Anna, Peter

Name Bobbie J. (Bob) Raymond
Service Background

Chanute AFB 1969 Student
Eglin AFB 1969-1970 Armament Development Test Center (Various Aircraft)
Yokota AB 1970-1973 C-141A/C-5A
Dover AFB 1973-1974 C-141A/C5A
Andrews AFB 1974-1976 EC-135J/E-4A
Current Occupation
NASA, Kennedy Space Center
Information Resources Manager, Space Station Hardware Integration Office

Name Guy M. Merritt
Email     (work)     (home)
Service Background

Keesler 1985, Student
Grissom 1986, 305th AMS Lab technician
RAF Mildenhall 1987 - 1989, 513th AMS Lab technician
Ellsworth AFB 1989 -1992, Inflight Maintence Technician, NCOIC of Inflight Training
Current Occupation

Tellabs Operations 1992 - 1995, Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Tellabs Operations 1995 - 1999, Staff Engineer for Corporate Quality
Tellabs Operations 1999 - Present, Senior Program Manager for Cable Telephony
Hobbies Trying to get old PACCS people great jobs at my company!

Name Mark D. Putnam
Service Background

80 to 83 2 ACCS 
83 to 89 NATO AWACS Flying SQ 2
89 to 90 9th Special Operations SQ HC-130 (Combat Shadow)
1991 1st Special Operations Wing Weapons and Tactics (Communications Planner)
Current Occupation
Program Manager, Key Management Pacific Area, U.S. Customs Service National Law
Enforcement Communication Center

Name Richard A. Patton
Service Background

Lowry AFB, CO - student 1972-73
Eglin AFB, FLA - Missile Systems Technician 1973
Korat Royal Thai AB, Thailand - same as above 1974
Homestead AFB, FLA - same as above 1975-77
Myrtle Beach AFB, SC - same as above 1977-78
Clark AB, Rep. of the Philippines - same as above 1978-80
Keesler AFB, MS - student (PACCS) 1980-81
Ellsworth AFB, SD - In-shop Shift Supervisor 1981-93
Flightline Tech.
In-Flight Maint. Tech.
Retired at Ellsworth AFB 1993
Current Occupation English/Speech Teacher at Kadoka High School, Kadoka, SD

Name Paul Kaminsky
Service Background
Formally 28 AMS

Name Doug Dietsche
Service Background

1983 Keesler student
1984 - 1986 RM on EC-135L/G at Grissom AFB, IN
1986 - 1992 WWABNCP Instructor at Keesler AFB, MS
1993 - Present USAF Reserves (Air Terminal Operations)
Current Occupation Product Manager, Ericsson Inc.

Name Greg Gunter
Service Background

2/83 - 1/84 - Keesler AFB (student)
1/84 - 2/87 - Grissom AFB (305th Avionic Maintenance Squadron)
Flew on the EC-135L/G for 2 years.
One of original test crew members on the Pacer Link Phase I
platforms (A/C 3579) in 1985/86.
1987 - 1994 - US Air Force Reserves at Barksdale AFB as a:
Comm/Nav Technician on the A-10 Thunderbolt
Crew Chief on the KC-10 Extender
Current Occupation Technical Solutions Manager with Ericsson Inc.
Family Married for 9.5 years and have two boys (ages 3 and 5)

Name Jennifer (Urton) Ammentorp
Service Background

3386 STUS Keesler Tech Training (Student) Aug 1979-April 1980
28 AMS Ellsworth April 1980-March 1986 RMT A, C, G models
3380 TTG, 3380 TTS, 332 TTS Keesler Tech Trining (Instructor) Mar 1986 Jun 1995
(Sucked into AWACS, but in repayment was carried away to the wonderful State of Alaska)
962nd AACS July 1995-July 1998
552 EMS Tinker July 1998 Jun 1999
1 Jul 99 Retired
Current Occupation Student Rose State College
Hobby Making Jewelry and Bead Art

Name Mike Mattingly
Service Background

Tech school in 1982
Ellsworth Nov 15 1982 to Sep 8 1992
Offutt 92 to present
Current Occupation working as 55 OSS Quality assurance inspector
Future Looking foward to retirement Jan 1 2002

Name Mark Bucevicius ( BUKIE )
Service Background

Keesler 1982 Student
Offutt 1983-1984 RMT EC-135C
Mildenhall 1984 - 1991 RMT EC-135H
Hickam 1991-1992 RMT EC-135J
Keesler 1992-1994 AMT EC-130H
Geilenkirchen 1994 - 1999 CT NATO AWACS
WHCA 1999 - present
Future PCS'ing in Sep 99 to WHCA

Name Pat Johnson
Service Background

2ACCS 76-80 IRCO
9ACCS 81-86 IRCO, CH S/E
1ACCS 86-88 Comm Team Ch TM 3
88-Present Retired
Current Occupation
Senior Telecommunications Analyst - JAYCOR, McLean,VA.
PCS'ing in Sep 99 to WHCA

Name Randy E. Teer
Service Background

Keesler 1987-1988 student
Langley 1988-1992 6 ACCS Paccs ground maintenance
Offutt 1992-1998 2ACCS/7ACCS, C3 nav ground maintenance/Inflight Maintenance
Technician instructor
Current Occupation
Davis-Monthan 42ACCS 1998-present (I merged with the
1A3's) Airborne Maintenance Technician

Name Allen Manfre'
Service Background

Oct 65 to Oct 68 Chatraoux AS, France, and RAF Mildenhall, CSO/TTY, 7120th
      ABNCP EC118 & EC135H
Oct 68 to Nov 70 8th AF ABNCP Westover CSO/TTY
Nov 70 to May 71 Grissom AFB CSO/TTY
May 71 to Aug 72 Udorn RTAB Thailand CSO/TTY
Aug 72 to Nov 74 Airborne Radio Maintenance school, and then PACCS School.
Nov 74 to Mar 76 Elsworth AFB, 28th AMS PACCS EC135C/G
Mar 76 to Aug 83 513th AMS CSE/RMT Stan/Eval/Instr, and Examiner, Wrote, and
Started Stan Eval Program for CSE's in USAFE EC135H
Current Occupation Hardware Manager/Telephone Administrator Flemington Raritan Board of Education

Name Herbert L. Setzler
Service Background

1979-83, 475 Test Sq, Tyndall AFB, TAC
1983-85, AFIT, Texas A&M
1985-88, Plans and Programs, Hq SAC, Offutt AFB
1988-90, Communications Officer, Looking Glass
1990-1991, Staff, Hq CENTCOM, Rhiyahd
1991-92, Communications Branch Chief, 2ACCS, Offutt AFB, SAC
1992-94, Communications Officer, JS NEACP, Offutt AFB
Current Occupation Chief of Quality Control, EDP Enterprises, Longview TX.

Name Vernon D. (Doug) Thacker a.k.a. VD TRACKER
Service Background




1. November 1972 to June 1975 - 2017 Comm Sq at McGuire AFB NJ worked as a
29150 for the Administrative Switchboard/21AF Command Post Tactical Switchboard then moved over into the 21AF Command Post Communications Center cutting tape and card traffic.

2. Erhac Turkey with Pete Rogers June 1975 to June 1976.

3. July 1976 to September 1978 - 1925 Comm Sq at Edwards AFB CA as a 29150
for the base communications center worked as Booster Shift Supervisor and Shift Supervisor.
June 1975 to June 1976 then at

4. October 1978 to December 1984 - 1ACOMMGP/CCTS - A291 X0-UK/MK/IK/EK  Data EC-135C and E4B flew 4,900 hours for the "Looking Glass" and about 100 hours on the E4B as a "Looking Glass" aircraft and was on the crew with Lt. Col Richard Doolittle the day we fired the first and only ICBM out of Vandenberg - just to say it could be done. Flew with Pat Johnson, Steve (JABBA THE HUT) Levine, MSgt Carl Lymus, MSgt Ed Brown, SMSgt Team Chief Timmy Willet, Chief Chris McCormick, Chief D.J.Connolly, Uncle Walt Gottschalk, Mr. FEMA (GS-12+) Sam Silvers Danny Yeager, Phil Tyner, and a cast of thousands. Who the hell is Danny Stalnaker? Icons to remember-Single Engine Brown, Gorilla masks, bag drag, double bag drag, EWO Risk, a double, a triple, a double then divert, a triple then divert, B/G Regis F.A. Ursular, blow 4 9, sleeping on mids, getting a pressure and quantity reading from the front end during a real launch (in dictionary under Team Chief Willet), and the famous Jabba The Hut book - "How to open up the crypto rack during a double bag drag."

5. January 1985 to January 1989 - 58th MAS Ramstein AB Germany - UK/MK/IK
ACSO - C-20B and VC-135B augmenting the 1st MAS at KADW. Reportedly stole
"Jabba the Huts" job, as he so states. Flew with Phil Jones from 4ACCS until Phil left Ramstein to head back to Ellsworth.

6. January 1989 to June 1990 - 2ACCS - Superintendent Data - worked with
Dave Coombs trying to find someone to fly the "Looking Glass". For some apparent reason it wasn't fashionable to work for a living so we brought many flyers (4ACCS, 6 ACCS, 9ACCS, 10ACCS) in from all the ACCS's to keep it up.

7. June 1990 - September 1992 - 55th Comptrollers Squadron, Offutt AFB,NE.

8. October 1992 to July 1993 - EK HQ SAC C3 Mobile Communications Offutt
AFB NE worked with SMSgt Rodriquez until we shut down the operation and moved it all to Langley, Virginia. Gave up my position to SMSgt Cyd Kroskey so I could go fly with the 1st ACCS and give Cyd something to do instead of retiring.

9. August 1993 to May 1994 - 1st ACCS Offutt AFB NE UK/MK as NCOIC Comm
Team Two. Worked for CMSgt Fred McCaslin, SMSgt Olie, SMSgt Bruce Stallings and the best NEACP Communications Team in the world - Team Two. Most of that comm team has moved to KADW i.e. Gary & Kayleen Amerson (he's a brand new TSgt and she's a new mother with one in the hangar and is a Flight Commander at Ramstein AB GE, their mailing address is: PSC 2 Box 7578, APO AE 09012.)
Currant Hobbies

Telecom Network Engineer - Central Office (Nortel
Networks Meridian SL-100 SuperNode telephone switch) and starting a new
position at U.S. West in Plymouth, Minnesota.
Current Occupation Retired

Name John A. Baker
Service Background

1980 -1983 Co. C 2nd Btn. 11SF group Jamestown Ohio
1984 Student Keesler AFB Airborne Communication Operators course
1984 -1988 10 ACCS RAF Mildenhall Airborne Communications systems operator
After Service 1988 -1990 Student Sinclair Community College
Associate of Arts Degree in Business Mangement
1990 - 1992 The American College in London Bachelor of Arts Degree
Information Systems
Current Occupation/Address

I.T. Project Manager for Dyson Appliances in Malmesbury England
2 Lister Avenue
Harley Bakewell
Worcester WR4 0SG U.K.
Phone: 01905 729677
Family Fiance: Alison, one daughter; Jackie living & loving it in Worcester England.

Name Richard S. (SKI) Wylepski
Email Richard.Wylepski@BEP.TREAS.GOV
Service Background

Keesler 1972 304X0 Student
Bergstrom AFB 727TCS 1972-1975 Mobil Comm.
Kadena AB 1962 COMM GROUP 1975-1977 Nightwatch
Carswell AFB 2048 COMM SQ. 1977-1978 Wire Maint.
Turkey TUSLOG 63-1 1978-RET Fixed Site
Current Occupation Industrial Specialist Dept of Treasury BEP

Name Michael McCormack
Service Background

78-79 Raf Lakenheath Autopilot/Nav systems F-111
80-81 Keesler AFB School
80-88 Raf Mildenhall PACCS In-flight Systems Technician
88-90 USAF Recruiter (Big Mistake)
90- Early Out
Current Occupation

Managing Director, Europe, Middle East & Africa
Astec Advanced Power Systems
Maidenhead, UK
P-44 (0) 1628-775903
F-44 (0) 1628-775901
Family Wife Delia, 3 kids, Bethany, Jessica and Conner

Name Les (Robbie) Robbins
Service Background

Keesler AFB 1958 Student
Osan AB, Korea 1958-1959 Flightline Maint and RO, L-20, C-47
Keesler AFB 1959-61 Instructor
Keesler AFB 1961-62 RO Base Flight TC-54D, T-29B
Mather AFB 1962-63 RO TC-54D, and TDY Crew VT-29, C-47, C-54, C-119
Wheelus AB, Libya 1963-67 RO/IRO HU-16B, HC-54D, HC-97G, HC-130H
McClellan AFB (Tainan, Udorn, Korat) 1967-68 RO/IRO EC-121D
Otis AFB, Korat RTAFB, U-Tapao 1968-69 RO/CIM/ACICO EC-121R
Robins AFB 1969 NCOIC TAC COMM (RO once/month KC-135, B-52)
Andrews AFB 1970 Language Student (RO 4hrs month VT-29)
Rio de Janiero Brasil 1970-1974 RO VC-54M, VT-29D
Offutt AFB 1974-78 RO/Supt Comm Tng & Comm Ops Looking Glass EC-135C
Retired 1978.
Manager Offutt Aero Club 1979-81
Current Occupation History Teacher, East Central Heritage Middle School, San Antonio Texas.
Wife of 36 years, Edna. Daughter Karen, commercial real estate, San Antonio. Son Thomas, LT, USN, Hawaii.
Hobbies Flying and photography

Name Eric and Desiree Shiver(Reece)
Service Background Ellsworth from 1986-1991
Current Occupation
Eric currently works for the Civil Service at Davis-Monthan AFB on H-60's helicopters. Desiree is a nurse and works from home.
Family We are expecting our first child June 6, 2000

Name Steven Brittain
Service Background
Inflight RMT in the 28th AMS at Ellsworth from June 1974 til June 1976.
Worked on the A/C/G models. TDY to Minot a lot.
Current Occupation
I am currently a Pilot/Captain on the F-100 for US Airways based in Charlotte, NC.
I live in Tarboro, NC.

Name Michael E. Grogan
Service Background

1978-1979 Keesler AFB Student
1980-1985 RAF Mildenhall PACCS Shop and EC-135H RMT
1985-1990 Hickam AFB PACCS Shop and EC-135 RMT
1990-1992 Ellsworth AFB PACCS Shop
Current Occupation National Service Manager SciCan Inc. Pittsburgh,Pa.
Other Steeler Fan

Name James M. Gault
Service Background
Minot AFB 1985 - 1989 Missile Commander MMIII/CDB Ellsworth ALCS ORT1989
Ellsworth 1989 - 1993 ALCS Mission Commander EC-135 A/G/C
Current Occupation
Director, Technical Resources; Compuware Corporation; Atlanta, GA

Name Michael P. Lynn
Service Background

46th CG, Barksdale AFB 1976 - 1977
1936th CS, Lajes Field, AZ 1977 - 1980
2nd ACCS, Offutt AFB, NE 1980 - 1983, RO1 & 2. 1800 hours.
Retired 1995, Galveston Texas
Current Occupation
Telecommunications Manager, Field Services & Outside Plant, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Houston, TX

Name David R. Jarrett
Service Background


79-81 Incirlik AB, TU SPS
81-86 K.I. Sawyer AFB, MI Command Post
86-88 Offutt, 2ACCS, Emergency Actions Controller
88-90 Offutt, SAC Command Center EA
90-93 Kalkar, GE EA
93-95 Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ Counter Narcotics Interdiction
95-99 Langley AFB, VA Combat Search and Rescue
99 Oct Retired!!!
Current Occupation Law Enforcement Officer

Name Dwayne Coffin
Service Background

84-85 Basic Training, Tech School (Sheppard AFB and Castle AFB)
85-88 Hickam AFB, HI 15th OMS and 15th CAMS (Crew Chief for EC-135J (63-8057). Also maintained 63-8055,63-8056, and 62-3584.
88 Keesler AFB, MI Tech School
88-91 Hanscom AFB, MA (Base Level Data Processing Center)
91-95 Edwards AFB, CA (B-2 Project)
Current Occupation Computer Infrastructure Architect
Family Married with 2 Sons, 2 Daughters...
Hobbies Legends Racing and my sons Quarter Midget

Name Kenny Laird
Service Background

Keesler 1981 student
Ellsworth 1981-1986 AFSATCOM/SLFCS flightline and backshop, RMT
Keesler 1986-1994 Instrustor airborne/ground AFSATCOM / MILSTAR
Keesler 1994-1995 maintenance
Elmendorf AFB Alaska, 1995 to present, Comm/Nav E-3B AWACS technician,
Maintenance Superintendent

Name Harry Leon AKA Omar
Service Background

Langly 6thACCS 78-80
Hickam 9thACCS 80-83
Tinker 8th TDCS 83-86
Current Occupation Retired AF April 86, Also Commander Civil Air Patrol

Name David Ririe

Service Background

90-91 Student, Keesler AFB.
91-92 6 ACCS, Langley AFB, VA.
98-00 55LG, IT/Network Administrator

Current Occupation Cox Communications, Manager, DOCSIS/Access Engineering