Where are the EC-135's Now?

NOTE: Some of this information can be found in the book "Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker: More               than just a Tanker" by Robert S. Hopkins III. The author was a pilot on KC/EC/RC 135s.

61-0262 South Dakota Air and Space Museum (Ellsworth AFB)
61-0278 AMARC May 1992*
61-0287 Gate Guard at Offutt AFB
61-0289 AMARC June 1992*
61-0297 AMARC June 1992*
61-0293 Converted back to KC-135A, then converted to the1st KC-135R (still flying)


62-3581 AMARC Feb 1999 (Forward body cell and one other tank removed)

Returned from PDM with original interphone system installed.   Currently belongs to the 45th RS, but is supposed to go to the 38th RS in the fall of 99.
Stripped and made into a buck tanker/weather bird/trash hauler.
62-3583 AMARC May 1992*

Converted to EC-135J .
1992 heavily damaged in landing accident at Pope AFB ,  N.C. Since the pictures I’ve seen shows that the plane "broke its back" I assume that it has been scrapped , but I have no proof.
63-3585 AMARC Jun. 1998*
63-8046 Sch. for ARARC Oct. 1998
63-8047 AMARC Oct. 1993*
63-8048 AMARC Feb. 1999
63-8049 SAC Museum, Bellevue , NB
63-8050 Redesignated NKC-135B
63-8051 AMARC Jul. 1992*
63-8052 AMARC Jan. 1998*
AF documents have this plane heavily damaged, during a landing accident at Pope AFB on Sep. 1997. See the pictures.
63-8054 Sch. for AMARC Oct. 1998


62-3570 AMARC Jun. 1992*
62-3579 AMARC Jun. 1992*

AMARC Sep.1992*
Transferred from Elsworth to Grissom on 27th August 1970.
Transferred back to Elsworth on 21 may 1987.
63-8001 MARC Sep. 1992*


61-0274 Converted to EC-135P. AMARC Feb.1992*
61-0282 Converted to GEC-135H ground instructional trainer
61-0285 AMARC Mar. 1992*
61-0286 Converted to GEC-135H ground instructional trainer
61-0291 AMARC May 1991*


62-03584 See EC-135C notes
63-8055 AMARC Oct.1993*
63-8056 AMARC Mar 1991*
63-8057 At PIMA AIR & SPACE MUSEUM , Tucson, AZ.


61-0261 AMARC May 1992*
61-0263 AMARC May 1992*
61-0269 Grissom museum, Bunker Hill, IN.
61-0279 AMARC May 1992*
61-0281 Converted to a KC-135E
61-0283 AMARC May 1992*
61-0302 Converted to KC-135R



EC-135A converted to EC-135P.
Destroyed 3 January 1980. An electrical short in the water injection tank heater wiring while the airplane was on the ground caused an insidious fire that was not discovered until it had already caused significant damage. Dense smoke hampered fire-fighting efforts and the fuselage was completely burned. The wings, engines, landing gear, and empendage were salvaged.
58-0011 EC-135A converted to EC-135P. Converted to KC-135R
58-0018 EC-135A converted to EC-135P. Converted to KC-135R
EC-135A converted to EC-135P.
Stored in AMARC on 12th February 1992.
EC-135A converted to EC-135P.
Stored in AMARC on 5th March 1992.

From 7th April 1983, through June 1984, this NKC-135E was converted into an EC-135P and assigned to the 6th ACCS to replace EC-135P 58-0007, which was destroyed in 1980. Interestingly, 55-3129 retained a bulkhead autographed by the original seven Mercury astronauts (plus others that followed) while the airplane served as a weightlessness trainer. During 1989 the airplane was noted with the name "Drogue Dragon" It was stored in AMARC on 31st January 1992.

This 6th ACCS EC-135H was converted int an EC-135P as part of the "Pacer Link" program and was redesignated an EC-135P on 23rd May 1988. It was stored in AMARC on 27th February 1992.


*AMARC= Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Ariz. In other words these planes have been mothballed.

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